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Winnie, Peter, & Katelyn

About Us

Who We Are

We’re a family and a business on the road. If you haven’t figured it out yet Winnie, or if we’re being formal Winnie The Purr, is our cat and loyal companion. We have taken our home and business on the road for atleast 2021. Living in an 23′ trailer and generating our own electricity with solar panels. Follow along with us as we run into issues and enjoy our trip. Peter is a graduate of OIT with a bachelors in Embedded Engineering and the owner of Rogue Marketing Pros. Katelyn is a recent graduate of OIT with a bachelors in Operations Management. We plan to travel from the West Coast (Medford, Oregon) across the United States. This website will stand as a place for us to share our travels and stay connected with our family and friends. As we travel we’ll take pictures and share with you all the places we go and how we’ve accomplished this adventure while completely independent from electricity and water hookups.

What We Do

It may seem impossible to up and leave your home and job. However, for us this was an easy decision. With the pandemic in full swing and no need for in person meetings it made perfect sense to take this time to go and travel. Rogue Marketing Pros is our main source of income and is the one thing continuing to connect us to our people back home. Rogue Marketing Pros focuses on Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. Helping others to make their dream of an online business become a reality.

Where We Came From

We are both Oregonians. Katelyn grew up in Salem, Oregon and moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon to attend OIT. Peter is orginally from Medford, Oregon and moved to Klamath Falls for college as well. Where we met and then moved to Medford. We lived in Medford for a few years as we built Rogue Marketing Pros. We had planned to take a trip when we both graduated college. With the culmination of the Almeda fire in September which was a short distance from our home, the pandemic impeding in person meetings, and Katelyn’s recent graduation hitting the road made perfect sense.