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Our First Stop



We stayed in Yucca and spent most of our time outside of town off of a dirt road. We visited Area 66 which is a UFO museum and the only store in town. They had a variety of specialty sodas and metal sculptures. Along with a giant dome museum. Everyone here was incredibly nice and they even allowed us to order packages to their post office. Yucca is a beautiful area with a variety of rocks including Granite and Quartz. The wildlife is abundant with Cows, Snakes,Lizards, Pocket Mice, Jack Rabbits, and even Tortoises. The vegetation comprises of Joshua trees, Barrel Cactus, Prickly Pear Cactus, Buckhorn Cholla, and some Saguaro Cactus.

The first Joshua tree we saw. We had no idea they were so cool and protected in the Mohave Desert.

The Kickapoo soda, the UFO Museum, and the metal pigs can all be found at Area 66. Area 66 focuses on the lies of Area 51 and how a UFO crash outside of Kingman was covered up and a potential alien was transferred to Area 51. 

The tallest Saguaro cactus we walked up to. If you look closely you can see peter standing next to it. These cactus grow incredibly slow and this one is likely over 100 years old. They seem to tend to grow on rocks and are massive.

Winnie is loving the warm weather. She even told Katelyn to move out of her way when she tried to open the screen door. 


Oatman was Katelyn’s favorite place thus far. With singing donkeys and lovely people. If you ever make your way into Oatman make your way to The Hotel and get yourself some grub, and a COVID Killer. Their food was delicious. Peter had a fantastic buffalo burger – not with buffalo sauce but rather instead of beef it was made of buffalo.

And, yes. Katelyn was bit by a donkey.

Lake Havasu

We passed through Lake Havasu on our way to stay in Willcox. Lake Havasu was definitely one of the richer areas we had traveled into. With side by sides and turf all over. We spent a short while at the edge of the lake where we spotted black ducks with white beaks. We also had our favorite meal thus far, Fat Sub!
Fat Sub is the BEST sandwiches ever! Katelyn had a Turkey Cranberry & Peter had a Buffalo Chicken on Jalapeno Cheddar bread. If you EVER find yourself in Lake Havasu this is a must! Its one of a kind and the owner cut our meat when we ordered our sandwiches.


This area is known for RVers. This is Katelyn’s Grandparents favorite place to stay in their RV in Arizona. They had an RV show going on so there were a ton of people and RV’s parked on public land outside Quartzsite. The town was adorable and we met Scott of the podcast Trust The Trail at Grubstake – an awesome little resturant and bar.


We got to stay with a wonderful local in Willcox. We were only there a day but still got to see an array of things. Including a honey bee hive on a tree in the driveway of the local we stayed with. The views were incredible and everyone we met was nice. We ate at Big Tex BBQ.

This is a honey bee hive on a tree in the driveway of the gentleman we stayed with in Willcox. He said that it hadn’t be there long. It is a great representation of a natural honey bee hive.

These last three photos are from Willcox, Arizona. This town was pretty cool.

Towns We Visited


Right Before The Border


Our Favorite Place So Far


Where We Stayed – UFO Museum


Ghost Town – Literally Only A Sign


Another Ghost Town


City on Route 66 – Large City With A Small Town Feel


City on Route 66 – Dry Cavern Museum

Ash Fork

Small Town – Tons of Trees & Much Cooler


Larger City – We Saw Snow

Lake Havasu

Beautiful Lake Town


We Just Stopped Here For Dave & Busters


We Stayed Here For A Night

Places We Went

Cool Springs Station

Oatman Hwy – Small Souvenir Shop

Hotel & Saloon

Bar & Restaurant in Oatman

Area 66

UFO Museum & Only Store in Yucca

Dambar Steak House

Great BBQ Restaurant in Kingman

Altitudes Bar & Grill

Bar & Restaurant in Flagstaff

Fat Sub

The Best Sandwich Shop EVER

Big Tex BBQ

Steakhouse in Willcox

States After Arizona

New Mexico

We pushed through New Mexico in 1 day due to a snow storm coming in. Throughout New Mexico what stood out to us were the large tumbleweeds and the number of billboards along the highway.


Everything is bigger in Texas. We spent a few weeks exploring Texas all the way from El Paso to Corpus Christi.