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Everything Is Bigger In. . .


El Paso

We didn’t spend much time in El Paso but we did try Peter Piper Pizza because HELLO Peter! Katelyn loves to sing the old nursery rhyme about Peter Piper. The set up was cool with good pizza and an arcade. 

Sierra Blanca

We stayed in Sierra Blanca for a few weeks with an awesome family. We were able to go to Carlsbad NM while here and explored the surrounding areas. We spent lots of time getting to know our host and checking out the small town of Sierra Blanca. We spent time hanging out with our host’s animals and enjoying the beautiful sunsets. The area was gorgeous and our hosts are our favorite people we’ve met along the way! SHOUTOUT TO FRED – He’s the nicest guy who recently migrated to Texas from Tennessee!

To the left is Peter in a large wash (7ft tall!) on our Host’s property. 

This is Steven. Steven is a female white turkey – they thought she was a male thus the name Steven (Shoutout to our brothers who both happen to be named Steven). Steven was the sweetest turkey and loved to get pets and talked to.  They used to ride with our host Fred in the car! 

Above is Katelyn’s favorite picture of a longhorn. We didn’t realize there were multiple types of longhorns which can be seen in the image below. Their face shapes are different. 

Below the longhorns is a Yucca bloom that has dried.

Big Bend National Park

We only drove through Big Bend on our way to San Antonio. However, the views were gorgeous and there were TONS of prickly pear cactus. 

San Antonio

San Antonio was awesome! We went to the Alamo, the Ranger Museum, and rode scooters from downtown to The Pearl. We spent just one day in San Antonio but fit lots of fun into the trip. Towards the end of the night Katelyn got scared because the sun was going down and we had no idea where our truck was. 

The first set of photos below are of The Alamo. We weren’t allowed to take any photos of the inside but these are a few things we saw outside. 

All of the images in this section are of The Ranger Museum. There were hundreds of animal taxidermy within the museum including elephants, buffalo, and deer with odd horns. Some of the deer and elk had horns that curled into their mouths and odd directions.

Peter got to shoot some targets and Katelyn finally got a set of long legs with the use of a fair mirror! 

The picture above is of an canal running through downtown San Antonio.

The pictures to the left are of The Pearl. We got to The Pearl from downtown by scooter. We had a drink at an industrial style bar.


We stayed in Pleasanton for a short while. This is where we tried Alligator (Katelyn’s new favorite food!) for the first time. We were also able to go to The Longhorn Museum and experienced a torrential downpour. As Oregonians, we were sure we had seen the hardest of rains which we HAD NOT! 

All of the images in this section are from the longhorn museum. The creepiest of them being a wreath of hair that was over a hundred years old. 

There were tons of taxidermy but the only one worth an image was the Lion.

To the left was when we ate at The Office and tried Alligator. 

Above is an odd neighborhood where all of the homes were identical. 

The rest of the images are from an abandoned bridge we found on a stroll through town.

Corpus Christi / Padre Island

We spent a few days camped on the beach of North Padre Island. We ate lots of seafood (both in Corpus Christi and on Padre Island) and tried frog legs for the first time. We enjoyed the abundance of birds and spent most of our time avoiding the cold! 

All of the images in this section are from Padre Island. We spent a lot of time enjoying the beach and eating seafood. We fed the seagulls and had a fire one night. Katelyn froze her feet in the sand but overall Padre Island was beautiful. 

Catfish Charlie’s is where we tried Frog Legs seen below. Frog Legs weren’t our favorite but they’re like dark turkey mixed with pork. 


We spent a few days in a Walmart parking lot in Victoria. We had hoped to stay ahead of the storm but instead, we got stuck right in it. The images below are just of the ice accumulation and things we saw on our way out of Texas. 

Towns We Visited

El Paso

We Drove Through Here To Sierra Blanca

Sierra Blanca

We Stayed Here For 2 Weeks

San Antonio

Where We Saw The Alamo & The Pearl


We Stayed In Pleasanton For A Few Days

Padre Island

Where We Saw The Atlantic Ocean


Where We Got Stuck

Places We Went

Peter Pipers Pizza

Pizza Parlor in El Paso

Big Bend National Park

Beautiful Park in Southern Texas

The Alamo

In San Antonio

The Ranger Museum

Taxidermy, Taxidermy, TAXIDERMY

The Pearl

Made It Here On Scooters

Longhorn Museum

We Took A Walk From Where We Stayed

The Office Bar & Grill

Where We Had Alligator

Angry Marlin

We Ate Here Our First Night in Corpus Christi

Catfish Charlies

Where We Had Frog Legs

Docs Seafood

Where We Had Ahi & Crab Cakes


Ate Whataburger While on The Road