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Laissez les bon temps rouler


Pearl River

We stayed in Pearl River for a few weeks with an awesome host. Owner of the Fig Art Studio and an inspiring artist. We received our electric bikes and spent time riding them, enjoying the outdoors, nightly fires, and going to take-out bars. Did you know bamboo makes loud explosion noises when put into a fire? We enjoyed our stay in Pearl River and look forward to coming back to the area. Winnie got brave (all the green and trees reminded her of home) and ran out the door but was quickly terrified when salamanders were running under her toes. She even tried to climb a tree which she didn’t know how to do.  

New Orleans

We spent the day after Fat Tuesday in New Orleans & we also spent a Saturday evening checking out the nightlife. Whether it was hand grenades or music on the streets there was always something to look at. We met a couple who just happened to also be from Oregon and spent time on the balconies hanging out with them. 

Above is Katelyn riding an electric bull very badly.

Towns We Visited


We Stayed Here One Night

Pearl River

Where We Stayed


Near Pearl River

New Orleans

Where The Party Never Ends

Places We Went

Gators Daiquiris

Bar Near Where We Stayed In Pearl River

Samuri Sushi

We Had Great Sushi Here


Our First Time At Hooters

Tropical Isle

Bar With Hand Grenades

Bourbon Street Honky Tonk

Where Katelyn Rode A Bull

Hideout Bar

Modern Bar on Bourbon Street

Fig Art Studio

Where We Stayed