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We met up with Peter’s Brother & Sister In Law in Nashville For A Friend’s Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARON! We Spent A Week Exploring The City & Celebrating Baron’s Birthday. It was fantastic to see familiar faces after 4 months on the road without seeing any of our loved ones. The trip was filled with lots of live music, yummy food, alcoholic beverages, and laughs. Nashville was our first introduction to Tennessee and it was a fantastic way to spend our first week. 

The images above and below show some of the aftermath of the 2020 Nashville bombing.

Above is Peter’s Brother Steven & Ashley looking out into the streets of Downtown Nashville. Above & to the left is our friend Ali being the one realizing Katelyn was taking a picture. 

Above are espresso martinis. If you’ve never had an espresso martini we HIGHLY recommend them. Most expensive drink Katelyn has ever bought but very tasty!

Baron in his natural habitat on the way to the airport. We got lots of great photos and videos in Nashville but some have been omitted because… our mother’s read this. 

La Follette

We hit La Follette right as the dogwood trees were blooming at it was beautiful! We stayed right near Norris Lake and got to experience the lake and lots of campfires. We made friends with our hosts Manuel and Dana, as well as with others in the area. SHOUTOUT to Mark we know you’ve been waiting to see the Tennessee photos! We were able to spend some time on the lake, ride our bikes all over the hills, and even find a slice of our own little paradise. After spending a week in La Follette we knew we wanted to be there full time and went on the adventure of finding some land in the area. 

We loved the winery nearby and had a few dinners there while in the area. They have cranberry wine that tastes like juice.

Mark took us out on a boat ride one morning and we couldn’t take a good picture to save our lives. The dogwoods were in full bloom and the flowers were huge.

We found this guy while walking our new property. Katelyn can handle the ticks if there is turtles all over the property!

Great Smokey Mountains

We spent a day exploring the Great Smokey Mountains & Pigeon Forge. We hiked a bit and Katelyn got to put her feet in the water. There were lots of butterflies & beautiful landscapes. 


Katelyn spent a day in Knoxville with Dana (our host) while they waited for Peter to fly back into town. Katelyn and Dana went around to a bunch of cute little shops and had the best sushi! 

Towns We Visited


We Spent A Week Here

La Follette

Our New Home

Rocky Top

Went To A Brewery

Great Smokey Mountains

We Spent A Day Here


Katelyn Spent A Day Here

Places We Went

Losers Bar

First Bar In Nashville

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

Katelyn’s Favorite Bar In Nashville

Honky Tonk Central

Bar In Nashville

Pinewood Central

Yummy Food!

Twin Flame

Bar In La Follette

El Pueblito

Mexican Food

Clinch River Brewing

Only Brewery In The Area

Tiki Hut

Yummy Pizza & Great Bartenders

Nama Sushi Bar


Before & After Tennessee


We only have a few photos from the truck in Georgia. We just drove through to get to Tennessee to meet family in Nashville, TN. 


Quick drive through Kentucky to get to Indiana. We did get some specialty whiskey on the way!