Family In



We spent a week in Illinois spending time with Peter’s Mom’s Family. We enjoyed swimming, hanging out, and checking out the area. On our last evening, we had a barbeque with everyone. Peter went out on the water to catch catfish! We cannot wait to go back. It was beautiful in Illinois but very hot! 

Above is a sunny day spent in the pool – the water was fantastic in the 90-degree weather!

Above is Justin and Peter getting ready to take all the kids out on the boat to check the fishing lines. Below is Peter helping Randy on the grill – we had tasty a dinner that night!


Katelyn’s birthday happened while we were in Illinois. We took a drive to find a cool little local bar and we stumbled upon Bubba’s Too. A really cool little bar with tons of cool stuff from the area on the walls. We even had “Mini Beers” with the bartender. They look like little beers but they taste sweet but smooth.